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How to make Tigernut Koko/Pap using Tigernut Flour

October 05, 2020

Safe Journey Foods Tigernut Flour

Tigernut Koko/Pap is a nutritious high protein and high fibre food that works great as a breakfast meal and will keep you feeling full for much longer than the regular koko/pap. Using Organic Tigernut Flour and your choice of dairy or plant milk and date powder as a sweetener, it is a very quick and easy dish to prepare.



Half cup of Organic Tigernut Flour

1 and half cup of your choice of dairy or dairy free milk

Quarter cup of Date Powder

1 teaspoon Chia Seed

1 cup of dairy or dairy free milk (extra)

Selection of fresh fruits like blueberries, strawberries, kiwi fruit, etc.


Cooking Directions

Place Tigernut flour, date powder and chia seed in a saucepan

Add milk and mix well. Retain the extra cup of milk to add later.

Cook over low heat, stirring as the mixture thickens as it cooks.

Add more milk to the mixture if it gets too thick and to achieve the right consistency according to your preference.

Sweeten to taste, adding more date powder if required.

Remove from heat, and pour mixture into a breakfast bowl. Top with blueberries, chopped strawberries, kiwi fruits or seasonal fruits for antioxidants and Vitamin C boost.  and  and top with the fresh fruits.

Enjoy this high protein, high resistant starch fibre, high in omega oils Tigernut Pap. This will keep you full for long and maintain bowel regularity. in place of the lowas a protein



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