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 Hello, and welcome to Safe Journey Foods website.

Fun fact – the name ’Safe Journey’ is from the literal translation of my Igbo name, Ijeoma.

The idea for this business began in mid-2019 as I thought about all the various ’everyday’ homegrown nutritious foods I had grown up on in West Africa, and had now found their way into ’mainstream’ diets. The difference is that they are now referred to as ’Super Foods’ because of their inherent qualities and benefits to our health and well-being.

Over time our unique dietary needs has evolved and diversified so much that we are actively seeking foods that works with our unique circumstances (hello organic, gluten, nut, diary, vegan diets to name a few); as well as foods with unique health properties including being highly nutritious, naturally immune boosting, healthy omega oils, and packed with energy-dense fuel that is uplifting, rather than slow us down.

So, what do we do? We source and sell organic, African traditional health gluten-free and vegan foods such as:


These foods play an important role if you are looking to incorporate them as part of your health and wellbeing diet, diabetes management diet, weight management diet, allergen free diet (as our foods are naturally gluten, diary, and nut free and refined sugar free).


To your good health!

With love,