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Yaji Pepper Seasoning Dakan Hannu

Yaji Pepper Seasoning Dakan Hannu  is a VERY HOT Peanut-free version of the famous Suya Spice used in meat BBQs in West African countries including Nigeria and Ghana.

It is a very spicy hot and well seasoned pepper blend that is made according to the traditional Hausa method, that leaves a lingering peppery taste on your palate.

Made without peanuts or any tree nuts, with a mixture of various traditional African spices.

Sprinkle on your meals, roasts, fried or roasted plantain, chips, and any selection of small chops to get your digestive juices flowing. Also use for grilling meats and vegetables, seasoning foods and in marinades.

Blended in Australia from imported ingredients. 

Ingredients: Pepper, garlic, ginger, salt, paprika, cloves, spices and seasonings

Net weight 100g.