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Hibiscus Roselle Jamaica Flower

Hibiscus flowers are harvested from a small flowering plant which grows in the tropical regions of Africa, the Carribean Islands and Middle Eastern countries. The fresh flowers are deep red in colour and trumpet shaped. The dried flower petals are deep red-brown in colour and have a tangy/tart taste.

Hibiscus flowers are generally used in making flavoured tea blends and various versions of local drinks.


  • Use to make hibiscus tea by infusing the flowers in hot water. You can also add ginger and/or mint and other warming spices.
  • Use to make the Egyptian drink Carcade and the West African drink called Zobo in Nigeria, Sobolo in Ghana and Bissap in Senegal, the Mexican drink Agua de Jamaica and the Jamaican Rum spiced Drink.
  • When using in cooking or drinks, first re-hydrate in boiling water to release their flavour.
  • Use to make jams, preserves, spices, soups, sauces and marinades
  • Use as an ingredient in baked goods
  • Use as an ingredient in sweet dishes or as a garnish.
  • Add to champagne and cocktails for a wonderful floral flavour.

Product is sold in a dried state.

Net weight 50g.

Product of Jordan. Packed in Australia