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Have you been searching for Tigernuts and Dabino/Dabinu Dried Dates that you snacked on while growing up in your homeland in Mother Africa? Or the famous Tigernut Milk Drink known in the Hausa language as ’Kunun Aya’, whose health and energy boosting properties you may have heard so much about?

Have you been wishing to could buy your traditional African super foods like African Breadfruit Seed known as Ukwa in the Igbo speaking parts of Nigeria? Perhaps you may have heard of their nutritional benefits and use in the ethno-management of chronic health conditions like high blood cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and ongoing use in general weight management?

We are pleased to offer a select range of West African Spices and seasonings including Pepper Soup Spice, Banga Palmnut Soup Spice, Suya Yaji BBQ Spice, Tailed Pepper (Uziza), Grains of Selim (Uda), and Cameroon Pepper.

Or are you simply looking for organic healthy vegan food options and solutions for your specific dietary needs, eg gluten, nut, diary, vegan/vegetarian dietary requirements? If so, then welcome! You have come to the right place!

At Safe Journey Foods, we take pride in bringing a small range of African health foods straight to your doorsteps throughout Australia at reasonable prices. We are a Perth-based small business who found a missing gap in the existing ethnic and health food market for hard to source foods and took positive action to close this gap.

Please explore our website to see what we have to offer to meet your dietary needs.