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Hot Suya Yaji Kebab BBQ Spice

Suya Spice (also known as Yaji or Kyinkyinga or Kebab Spice) is a very popular dry peanut-based spice rub used on beef, lamb and chicken before grilling. 

Suya kebab meat is  very popular street food bought from the suya BBQ meat road side sellers (known as "Mai Suya'') in Nigeria.

Due to it's popularity, suya spice has become almost a staple in most homes. Suya spice can be used as a marinade on many foods, such as meats, fish, poultry, vegetables for roasting or grilling eg corn on  the cob, basically it can be added to almost anything to give that dish a delicious twist.

Allergen Warning! Suya Yaji Spice contains PEANUTS. It is therefore not suitable for anyone with known or suspected peanut allergies. 

Mandatory Allergen Declaration: Contains PEANUTS.

Note that colours may vary. 

Blended in Australia from local and imported ingredients.

Net Weight 100g.