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The Benefits of Adding Tigernuts to your Daily Diet

January 15, 2021

Organic Peeled Tigernuts Safe Journey Foods

Are you looking for a great healthy snack to help you on your fitness and weight loss journey in 2021?
Let me show you the many ways that Organic Peeled Tigernuts can help:
  1. First of all, Tigernuts are not nuts! They are actually nut, gluten and diary free.
  2. They are actually a vegetable (plant) tuber, so they are suitable for all diets including Vegans.
  3. Tigernuts are not grains, so they are Paleo-friendly.
  4. They help in achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight because they are so filling.
  5. They are chock full of Omega 6 oils which is great for the nervous system, eyesight, skin, nails and hair.
  6. They are naturally full of resistant starch and prebiotic fibre that increases your natural healthy gut bacteria and boosts your natural body immunity to fight against diseases.
  7. Eating Tigernuts regularly helps to regulate digestion and bowel movements for natural detoxification (this is great for your breath, hormones and skin).
  8. Helps in reducing blood cholesterol levels.
  9. Naturally controls blood sugar levels.
  10. Tigernuts have an awesome and distinct taste! The taste has been described as a ''sweet creamy coconut-almond'' taste.
  11. You can combine Tigernuts with Dried Dabino Dates and serve on a platter to entertain friends. Believe me they will thank you!
So, are you now convinced about adding Tigernuts to your diet?
Why don't you share how you like to eat your Tigernuts, including any combinations?
Using Tigernuts to make Tigernut Milk Drink (Kunun Aya)

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