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West African Spices Gift & Value Starter 4-Pack Set

The West African Spices Gift and Value Starter 4-Pack Set is the perfect gift for a loved one, a valued friend or acquaintance, or a value starter pack for your own use.

Get our four West African Spice best sellers that include the:

  1. West African Peanut and Palm Nut Soup Spice;
  2. West African All-Purpose Jollof Dry Spice.
  3. Aromatic Pepper Soup Spice;
  4. Suya Yaji BBQ Kebab Spice (Contains Peanuts).

Allergen Warning - The Suya Yaji BBQ Kebab Spice contains PEANUTS

Our spices are free of preservatives, fillers and additives. 

Total Net Weight 360g