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African Nutmeg Ehuru Ehu Ariwo Wediaba - Ground Spice

African Nutmeg, also known as Calabash Nutmeg, is Africa's own unique nutmeg spice full or aromatic fragrance and flavour.

If there is the one African Spice that every kitchen should have, this is it!

The nutmeg seeds are roasted, the outer coat is peeled off and the seed is ground to powder. It is a very versatile spice and is used in so many dishes like African Pepper soup, Nkwobi, Nsala, Banga, Ugba, Ogbono Soup and many other traditional West African dishes.

You may know this spice by any of the following names - Jamaican Nutmeg; African Nutmeg; Ehu, Ehuru (Igbo); Ariwo (Yoruba); Wediaba, Iwo (Erhe); Awerewa, Ehiri, Airama, Muscadier de Calabash, Lubushi.

Ingredients: 100% Monodora myristica

Net weight: 100g

Product of Nigeria