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Dried Whole Dates

Whole Dried Dates 

Satisfy your sugar cravings with nutrient-rich naturally dried whole dates that help boost energy, while managing your blood sugar levels. 

Date fruits have been long eaten as a sweet snack and they are loaded with many health and nutritional benefits.

As a low GI carbohydrate, dried date fruits provide the sweetness you crave without added sugars. They help you feel full, satisfying those cravings because they have high levels of dietary fibre, energy and natural sugars, plus other nutritional components that are thought to add value to heart health, libido and fertility improvement, among other benefits.

Our dried date fruits are naturally sun dried and therefore very hard in texture with much less moisture than fresh soft dates. They have higher content of carbohydrates, fibre, iron and Vitamin C than fresh dates. 

Ways to enjoy dried date fruits: 

  • Carefully remove the pits inside before eating. Enjoy as a sweet nutritious & high fibre snack. 
  • Hydrate in water, chop/puree and add to baking, smoothies, desserts, porridge and salads as a sweetener.
  • You can enjoy eating dates along with cashews, almonds, and pecans for a unique snack. You can also mix dates with your breakfast cereals. It can also be served along with frozen vanilla yogurt. It can also be eaten with chicken salad and other vegetables.
  • Dry dates can be soaked in hot water for like 10 minutes or can be soaked overnight to re-hydrate them before eating. Soaking it softens the dates and allows them to release sweeter flavour.

How many date fruits can be consumed a day?

About 3 to 5 date fruits can be eaten per day.

Date fruits provide numerous health benefits but it is recommended to be eaten in moderate quantities. 


100% naturally Whole Dried Date Fruits. Warning: Contains pits inside. Take care to avoid dental injury.

Contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Product of India

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